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Guild Intro
The Justice Guard

After a crippling blow from the up-and-coming Arch Villain, Charles Psion, The Justice Guard was sent reeling into disarray. The majority of it’s forces had been led directly into a trap set by Psion, who sprung it with lethal precision.
A titanic explosion left many of it’s member’s fates in question and the remaining leadership in jeopardy.

Hardest hit mentally was Commander Amazing, who felt the full wrath of guilt. Spirit broken and his body still recovering, the entire ordeal left him doubting everything about himself and his powers.
Similarly devastated was Archstrike, whose radically accelerated regeneration that once gave her the edge over any villain now was the only thing between her and certain death after a hit from a highly potent neurotoxin dart.
The final and oldest member of the leadership, Liberty Guard, remains Missing in Action after the explosion threw him out to sea near the Rogue Isles. Recovery efforts were being slowed due to border issues.

With two of the three leaders out of commission, the responsibility now remains on Commander Amazing to rebuild The Justice Guard from the ground up, again. Only time will tell if the once prestigious Super Group will arise from the ashes like a glorious phoenix, or remain crippled like so many others before it.


It is said that there are always two sides to every coin.

Tartarus Directive

After usurping power from it’s previous leaders, Charles Psion destroyed the entire interlocking of The Society of Evil and rebuilt it using the ideas of his upbringing: Patriarchy
Based on that, and the acquisition of power, he turned the remaining into a band of Mercenaries, backed by funding from many major factions, including Arachnos. Contracted to do some of the more dirty and unpleasant tasks, he is slowly building an army as he continues his own agenda for conquest. Conquest of what, remains to be seen…
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